10 Great Reasons To Visit Miami

For a quieter time on the coast, check out North Shore Beach. With Cuba just 90 miles from the tip of South Florida, its influence extends across Miami. While Little Havana is undeniably the heart of Cuban culture in Miami, good Cuban food can be found throughout the city. Find the nearest window (literally, “little window”) on Calle Ocho for a guavecake or Cuban coffee, or grab mojitos at Ball &Chain. If you fancy a midnight, stop by Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop in Wynwood or head to the legendary Canary Islands of Tamiami to buy ham, cod or chicken croquettes. For dinner in Cuba with a festive atmosphere in Miami, try the Design District’s Estefan Cuisine.

Miami’s art scene is huge and features all kinds of street art by local and international artists, bringing an entire part of the city to life. You’ll find quotes on the sidewalks, drawings on all the buildings, and contemporary galleries. Miami’s miles of beaches are among the most beautiful in the world! Crystal clear waters and white sand form the perfect backdrop for days spent in the tropical sun. Miami is relaxed and quiet, as are most coastal cities with warm weather.

Here, fun reigns throughout the day, and you can find entertainment at any time of the day! Clubs, restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs – this is certainly not the city where you will get bored of solitude because Miami never sleeps. If you like the atmosphere of American parties, it’s a good reason to visit Miami.

However, there are many different types of beaches for all types of travelers. AnnMarie John is a creator of travel and lifestyle content. Here you will find travel and destination tips to plan the perfect holiday. AnnMarie encourages everyone to get out of their comfort zone and travel, especially with their children, and it’s her dream to travel to as many countries as possible before turning 50. One of the city’s most popular events, the Calle Ocho Music Festival offers dozens of musical stages and examples of delicious cuisine from the city’s diverse Latin cultures. The Brew Miami festival celebrates the city’s craft beer and food industry with live music performances and opportunities to sample the latest and greatest spirits brews.

I’m a native miami, and even my skin burns with only 30 minutes of sun. Miami is home to miles of the most beautiful beaches of white and golden sand. The turquoise water in front of you, and the palm trees swaying behind you; you imagine yourself in a tropical paradise. Not only that, many of the beaches have fitness equipment so you can work out while enjoying the spectacular weather.

From Miami Beach to Haulover, there’s plenty of fun every day. In Miami Beach you can enjoy many days in South Beach if you are looking for some trendy fun. Parking can be a problem here because there are a lot of people visiting the city.

It is sun, sand and clear blue water as far as the eye can see. Plus, with the good weather in Miami, almost every day is beach days! The water is Armani Residences Sunny Isles also good in winter, especially if you are used to colder temperatures. It’s the best place to go with family or friends and have a good time!