14 Simple Canvas Art Projects To Bring Personality To Your Walls

Meet the artists at Eyes On Walls and discover art that will bring joy in the coming years. Another approach would be to take into account existing accessories and the main decorating elements of the house when choosing your art prints. Natural wood tones work well with, for example, organic subjects and natural color palettes.

You can use nails with sawtooth supports, cable and eye hooks or hooks to hang your canvas prints. If you prefer not to make holes in your wall, consider Velcro adhesive strips. Add modern style to your home with this graphic canvas art project. Add a thick layer of dark colored paint on one side of a criterion. Repeat the technique with different colors until you are satisfied with the design. Turn paint splatters into a modern masterpiece with this easy idea of DIY art.

If all else fails, you can always opt for black and white wall art or muted color art prints that suit any type of interior design color scheme. The first step in choosing your canvas art is to really know your color scheme. The general basic rule is to choose a work of art that suits your room without downplaying the design elements it contains.

They are in the same price range as cloths and framed prints, but metal prints are much more durable. They are also lightweight and waterproof and ready to hang. You can add frames and mats to your metal print to give it a different feel. A wall of ironed tampering is a story of eternal Landscape Canvas Prints love in the world of interior design. The last concept to consider is to match your framed art prints with the overall design of the room. You should not choose a painting because of the color, but it may be useful to find some elements that match the color, patterns, size or theme.

For works of art that subtly emphasize the rest of a room decoration, stick to the colors that already exist in space. You can choose an abstract painting with a background color that matches your walls, or you can choose art that reflects the tone of the upholstery or bedding on your couch. Either way, the nervousness of the artwork will make the look feel modern rather than the game.