85 Best Ideas For An Easy Dinner

Keep the ingredients for these meals handy during nights when you don’t want to be in the kitchen all night. Another tip, save some of these recipes on your phone for those times when you’re thinking about hitting a drive-thru… Instead, run to the grocery store, grab some ingredients, and prepare a healthy, homemade meal that everyone will love. We took the favorite Italian flavor combination of sausages and peppers and put them into an easy weekday dish that can be on the table in as little as 20 minutes. Cook the store-bought ravioli and colorful sauce at the same time and finish by heating them in the same pan.

With hundreds of dinner recipes to choose from, we collect over 35 of our easiest dinner ideas to share with you. These dinners are not only easy, they are delicious and the whole family will love it! For more meal ideas, check out our 25+ easy breakfast ideas and our 25+ easy lunch ideas.

A coconut and tomato curry broth surrounds the aromatic vegetables and French green lentils. This Moroccan spicy stew, stuffed with minced meat, fire-roasted tomatoes and chickpeas, tastes like a stew for hours. Serve the spinach and cheese-filled pitas for a hearty dinner in an instant. It’s hard not to like a 16-minute meal, especially if it’s filled with pasta with cheese and shrimp and topped with a creamy tomato sauce. This one-frying pan dinner looks like it took you a lot over 30 minutes. Cook the potatoes next to the crispy chicken thighs and enjoy the evening with minimal cleanliness.

Strawberries add a fruity flavor and vibrant color to these breads and muffins. Lemon spaghetti: Kids love this tasty dish and pasta recipes are very easy to put together. Add a garden salad for a delicious vegetarian simple German Goulash recipe meal. In my opinion, stuffed sweet potatoes are one of the BEST healthy dinner ideas! They are cozy, customizable and easy to make. To speed up the process, prepare the filling while the sweet potatoes bake.

Make this tasty meal from a pot in less than 30 minutes. Better than takeout, make chicken with simple Indian butter in just 30 minutes, with a creamy sauce based on tomatoes, charred chicken and amazing spices + flavor. Serve with homemade garlic naan bread. The creamy turkey tetrazzini with spinach is a simple, easy and delicious pasta recipe that is reassuring, creamy and cheesy.

Use the leftovers in a lemongrass sandwich chicken banh mi. Chicken pan with lemon garlic sauce. Delicious creamy chicken with garlic sauce with lemon is a meal from a pan that is ready in 30 minutes. It is garlic, saucy, creamy and very tasty. Bread is a must to immerse yourself in this delicious sauce. Try separating garlic bread or easily without yeast cookies.

It’s nice to have some simple dinner recipes on hand so you can have an answer. This list of the best simple dinner ideas consists of easy-to-follow recipes with easy-to-find ingredients and staples in the pantry. Plus, everyone is quick to prepare, whether you’re doing it earlier in the day for the clay pot, or just before dinner time on busy weeknights. Some nights you need to get on the table as soon as possible. This list of 30-minute meals is here to help. We have quick dinner recipes that use simple ingredients and smart ideas to save time, and we’ve included plenty of family dinner ideas to satisfy even the little ones.

Linguine simply flavored with olive oil and garlic is an easy and reassuring meal in itself; Mixed with a thick tomato sauce and fried shrimp, it becomes a 25-minute winner. With an air fryer, these shrimp go from being completely frozen to being ready to eat in about 25 minutes. They are perfect for healthy last minute meals and are ideal for salads, pasta or more. Baked pan nachos are a treat for the crowd for an easy weekday dinner or a craving appetizer to serve on game day. Creamy Tortellini soup with sausage. The hearty, creamy tortellini soup with sausage, spinach and kale is total comfort food in a bowl.