Boho Clothing “Head to Toe” – The Mindset

So far, the “Head to Toe” series of articles dealing with Boho clothing has featured hats, hairstyles, and scarves. Before continuing below the neck, it’s important that we focus on one more important area of the Boho head-the mind. To be truly Boho, it is imperative that you have the appropriate mindset. The dress can influence the mind, but it’s better if the mind influences the dress instead.

When it comes to the Boho mindset, you will find so many definitions. It’s really quite broad. But, there are a few characteristics that give it it’s uniqueness. The Boho mindset is one of an artistic character. Swirling throughout the Boho fabric is color, texture, whimsy, and a love for nature and creativity. When you look at Boho, you don’t find a sleek, clean look. Instead you find layers and disarray somehow brought together in a perfect expression-almost like art itself!

The Boho mindset is also generally known for its love of travel, culture, and exploration. The Boho is a gypsy in heart, a traveler and wanderer. Even if traveling through journals, art, or photos the Boho loves to be free! Boho clothing is deeply influenced originally by faraway lands. Originating in India, the Boho style has held onto its roots but has also picked up flavors from all the lands it has traveled through. Boho style is, itself, a traveler! When you wear Boho clothing you pay tribute to culture far and near. Thus, it is also a celebration of life. Life is full of color and experiences. Life is full of diversity and wonder. It is full of adventure and meaning. In celebration of all of this, the Boho expresses itself on the canvas of the human body and in the human mind.

Although each Boho is an individual, it is the mindset that pulls all of them together and makes them one. Although free-thinking, the Boho shares a common bond with all of humanity and should respect it. Although internal, the Boho mind is the jewel shining brightest among all Boho clothing.






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