The city also houses impressive Buddhist temples, fascinating cultural monuments, busy street markets and more. It is also extremely well connected as South Korea’s second largest city. Busan is only a four-hour drive with the bullet train from the capital of Seoul and is also easily accessible by plane or car. The Busan night tour offers a very unique scenic experience. Since the goal of the tour is to appreciate the nighttime city landscape, it has a very relaxed and relaxed atmosphere that I really enjoy.

It is the seat of the Jogye order of Korean Buddhism. Most importantly, it is the only temple in Busan to offer a temple residence program. It is very popular with tourists in the summer and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in South Korea. Along the beach are hotels, guest houses and accommodation.

Park Hyatt Hotel – This hotel is the best place to stay for those looking for comfort and luxury accommodation. Rooms at the Park Hyatt Hotel offer views of the city of Marina, the beaches of Haeundae and the mountains surrounding Busan. The hotel has a gym and spa center and excellent restaurants. There are many Jjimjilbangs in the entire city, but Spa Land is the best known and very accessible to foreigners. The spa is located in Shinsegae Centum City and consists of 22 different spas. Only natural spring water is used that is pumped from 1000 meters deep.

The SEA LIFE® Busan Aquarium is located in Busan’s Haeundae Beach. With its variety of marine life and advanced facilities, it is one of the most important aquariums in the country and a popular attraction for families. The aquarium has three underground levels and also has an outdoor park, gift shop and various first-level dining options. The SEA LIFE Busan aquarium has more than 35,000 fish, algae, reptiles and other sea animals.

If you enjoy nature and observe the sea, we strongly recommend that you take a trip to Igidae. If you don’t have time for a walk, just go straight to Oryukdo Skywalk and enjoy the platform alone. Located in the far south of Korea, Busan is a paradise for seafood lovers. In addition to offering some of the freshest seafood in the region, Busan promises beautiful views, beautiful beaches and colorful villages.

Geoje is an island in South Korea and one of our favorite places in the country. Much less known than Seoul or Busan, Geoje surprised us with its natural beauty. Surrounded by the blue sea and the mountains surrounding it, it is a great place to visit after your trip to Busan for a more isolated and peaceful experience. It is better to go early in the morning, because it is time for the market to be most active. Koreans like to have breakfast on the market, with fish of course. You can also have lunch there, there is a large hall with several dining stalls on the top floor of the interior building with great sea and harbor views.

Not only raw seafood, but there are food stalls on the market that sell delicious fish soup, raw octopus, fried fish and more! Visit this fascinating market and enjoy fresh seafood delivered directly from the sea. Busan is undoubtedly one of the largest tourist destinations in South Korea with exotic beaches, local seafood delicacies and beautiful tourist attractions.

This is also a good place to stop for something to eat. If you’ve never drunk noodles from a booth in the middle of a street, this is your chance. Ask someone about Jagalchi metro station and they will help 부산오피 you. Busan is undoubtedly a perfect destination for a serene travel experience while on holiday in South Korea. Check out our list of places to visit in Busan for a better idea of what to discover here.