Glamping Destinations, Information And Experiences

No more wrestling sticks, trek through the rain to collect water and sleep on lumpy soil. While it may be more expensive than traditional camping, it is often not for nothing. Many glamping units come with toilets and showers – such as our glamping pods and cabins – and offer a firmer upholstery compared to a tent.

The huts and cabins vary in size and layout but all have kitchens and many feature spacious screened porches in addition to outdoor spaces. Guests enjoy all the amenities they’d expect at a hotel, including daily housekeeping, complimentary Wi-Fi, a large infinity pool, beach, plus extras like arrival water and S’mores, a bocce court, playground and even a dog park. Camp Long Creek has its own food and beverage outlets, including a poolside pavilion and a food truck serving regional Ozark comfort specialties out of a vintage restored Airstream trailer. As a consequence, glamping is also sometimes called luxury camping or luxe camping.

Many of our locations can have great temperature fluctuations between day and night. Many will see thunderstorms, which is why multiple layers are often suitable not to mention having a great water bottle. If you don’t have one of those worries, you can buy one at the camp. The Nomadic Singapore Glamping People Finally there is the couple’s big batter, the Greater Zion outpost from Under Canvas, the country’s leading glamping brand. A few years old, this location covers nearly 200 acres, just 20 miles from the gate of Zion National Park, and is open from June to November.

All of these make for an experience that transcends traditional, barebones camping and elevate you to the realm of glamping. When you treat yourself to a glamping experience, you’re likely to stay in a semi-permanent rustic shelter, such as safari tents, an outfitter-style wall tent, or a Mongolian yurt. Or in a tipi furnished with comfortable beds, seating areas, climate control, and access to delicious meals, or at least, the appliances to create them.

Epic Excursions offers glamping in the backyard for a fun ‘home experience’. Let us know where you want your campsite and we will provide you with a glamping setup that will bring lasting memories. We are only located in Wilmington, Carolina Beach and Wrightsville Beach. There is also a trend to reuse older forms of shelter and transform them into a modern glamping range. Glamor tents are perhaps the oldest, most traditional type of accommodation. If you’ve never seen one in person, safari tents are far from the little puppy tents of your boy scout / girl scout days.

Also called “boutique camping”, “comfy camping”, “luxury camping”, or “posh camping”, today’s glamping features such structures as bell tents, pods, safari tents, tent cabins, tree houses, tipis, vintage caravans, vintage trailers, and yurts. “Glamping” is a portmanteau of “glamorous” and “camping.” Glam camping — or luxury camping — is an elevated form of the traditional camping trip. Glampers can immerse themselves in the great outdoors with no sacrifice to comfort. For this reason, many consider staying at glamp grounds to be the ultimate vacation.