How To Choose The Best Carpet

If your bedroom is on the smaller side, however, you may be able to splurge on luxury carpeting since you’ll need less to cover the room. A neutral-colored carpet, such as tan, brown or gray, is a safe option since it will work with virtually any wall or decor colors. But it’s usually best to avoid carpets that are extremely light like white or beige because they don’t hide dirt as easily as darker carpeting. If you have more colorful tastes, don’t be afraid to try a bold-colored carpet in your bedroom.

Modern carpets include various materials, from natural fibers to synthetics. Wool, polyester and nylon are all common carpet fiber materials, and each can vary widely in cost and comfort levels. Knowing a little about each of these options before you shop can help inform your choices. Wool and polyester may feel the softest, but nylon is less expensive. The fiber patterns — like loops, cut pile, shag and others — will also affect the look and comfort level.

Because it is an inexpensive material, however, polyester carpeting sometimes presents issues with shedding or pilling. It’s in the name, and this type of carpet feels really lovely underfoot. It’s a type of cut pile carpet, with very short fibers that create a velvet-like texture. ‘Plush pile carpets are suited for bedroom and living room areas since it is soft and easy to clean. This type of carpet creates a cozy and visually appealing style to compliment the overall look of those areas.

Carpeting on stairs gets a lot of wear, plus has to bend over each step. For stairs, it’s better to opt for a cut pile rather than a looped pile. This is because a looped pile carpet will open up over the areas where it curls over the stairs, showing the carpet backing in an effect called “grinning”. The loops also tend to snag, especially at seams or transition areas.

With light-colored walls, carpeting in rich shade of blue, green or red can add visual interest and dimension to the room. A subtle patterned rug that features two or more colors can also make a plain, neutral bedroom a little more interesting. But avoid extremely loud colors and busy patterns since they’ll likely be too stimulating for the bedroom.

These carpets offer the ultimate in softness and warmth underfoot. For many other rooms of the house that see far more foot traffic, you may want to go with carpets that carpet nerang are more durable and stain-resistant. In the bedrooms, comfort is key, and it’s the soft qualities along with warmth and aesthetics that are essential deciding factors.