How To Make Money As An Artist

I think this is one that most of you may not be familiar with, and it’s a great way to make money if you have a large audience. The way it works is that if you have art products that you really love and believe in, you can start a business relationship with that seller and lead customers to buy from that supplier. Every time a customer comes from you and buys something, a percentage wins from the Commission, say 3 to 10%.

We share our paintings in a private Facebook group and offer encouragement, questions and sharing ideas. I think all artists are looking for a little more community, so it is definitely something you can include in your educational business. As such, I have decided to create a separate section below that addresses this common situation of selling art prints online.

E-books are probably the original digital download product sold on the Internet. I always thought this was not selling well, but after seeing several online suppliers and artists selling for 10 years with detailed guides and instructions, I have to say it has been proven wrong. The best thing about making money with online digital art products is that these are mainly forgotten and typographic products. You only have to make them once and just manage the sales, not the production. Digital products are the easiest way to make money with online digital art.

You want to use the same attention to detail that you use in your artworks in your messages. Your account shows exactly who you are creative and placing images of the highest quality shows that you are a high quality artist. When it comes custom wood keychains to taking pictures of your artworks, natural light is best and you always want to use a clean and neutral background. Make sure your phone or camera is set to the highest resolution and let the focus end before taking the photo.

There are some advanced features that cost more, but you can sell without them. This is probably the simplest digital product you can sell. If you have a social media account like Instagram or Facebook, you will see which of your artwork is more popular than the others. Making money with online digital art is much easier with these 14 digital products.

As an additional advantage, in some cases my customers have reproductions made of their murals that have been very successful as local fundraisers. I keep all my copyright ownership, making me an exclusive reproduction supplier, creating an additional revenue stream. Collecting freelance work doesn’t just pay the bills; It also looks great on your resume.

ArtFire: ArtFire is a very cheap solution to sell your artworks online with a ready audience. On the one hand, there are five dollars to start the website. After that, you only pay five dollars a month, as well as a quote of less than $ .25.