Is It Bad To Charge An IPhone With An IPad Charger?

Hi Ken, this was super informative and I wanted to thank you for it. A charger is just a normal, everyday piece of technology that people pay little to no attention to, but as you’ve discovered, they’re not the same and vary greatly in terms of performance. As someone else said, post-market laptop chargers versus the originals would also be an interesting comparison. I want to buy one of the double 2A units, but I’m waiting to see if you go check them out. The votes are all there and the “car charger” won over for the charger people are most interested in.

The 5W charger that the iPhone comes with is really not worth using if you can avoid it, as it’s incredibly slow. If you’re not sure if your charger is damaging your iPhone, take it to an Apple Store and ask them iPhone kabel 1 meter to check it out. Use a compatible connector to turn the USB-C port into a Lightning cable. The cable that comes with your iPhone works fine. You don’t need to use a special “iPhone” cable or a “MacBook” cable.

At the time of writing, both cost less than their Apple counterparts. In addition, they are covered by Anker’s lifetime warranty. The 3-foot version of this cable is thin and compact and can be rolled up small to fit in a pocket or purse.

Because the frequency spectrum is measured in dBm, it is logarithmic; each higher division indicates 20 dB, which is 10 times the voltage and 100 times the power. This fake magazine has so much noise at the outlet that I had to fold the scale on the left to fit it. The spectrum is much higher everywhere, indicating noise at all frequencies. Surprisingly, it has only a moderate amount of ripple; The manufacturer seems to have done at least one thing right.

This is the most common type of charger and is the one that comes with your iPhone. It has an output power of up to five watts and is charged via a USB port. First, both devices must have the same type of connector. If your iPhone has a Lightning connector and your iPad has a USB-C, you’ll need two different chargers. Today, all the latest Apple devices are equipped with a USB-C connector, so you can use the same charger for all devices. While Anker’s PowerPort PD2 has been around for a while, it’s still one of our favorite fast chargers for the iPhone.