Looking For The Best Eyebrow Pencil? 11 Celebrity Makeup Artists Share Their Favorites

The 1990s brought thin eyebrows like a steep-bent pencil, while many of us die today to get a more complete and fluffy look. While what may be the current trend is the truth that the style of the eyebrows and the composition of the eyebrows that work for them is very individualized. Instead of making your way through a wide variety of products until you find your perfect match, we share exactly which of our eyebrow products suits you. Then learn how to raise your best eyebrows with your makeup combination. This stain-resistant eyebrow gel is waterproof and provides coverage and color up to 24 hours.

Consider buying an ointment for more defined eyebrows and remember that a little can be of great help with this kind of eyebrow fillers. A liquid eyebrow gel can be another great option for those who want to apply makeup quickly, thanks to the quick-drying formula that offers and can build customizable coverage. Finally, eyebrow masks can provide a delicate shade and keep the hair in place for hours. She wants to show off the perfect eyebrows to complement her mature makeup look? If you have mature skin, instead of reaching traditional eyebrow ointments and gels that look bolder, a product that can help you achieve authentic looking bows is perhaps the best option. Find a nutritious eyebrow pencil to help you create a soft definition to suit your appearance.

This is perhaps the highlight of Charlotte Tilbury’s new line of eyebrow products. A stripped gel gives credible pigment along with a strong retention structure that resists moisture and sweat. Use it only for a brushed appearance or use it to configure your eyebrows after completing with a pencil. As every beauty man knows, the possibilities are endless when it comes to eyebrows. Explore some of our favorite eyebrow makeup options below that cover all the basics of the eyebrow, from shape and fill to configuration and accentuate.

It gives off a thick and defined finish and all you have to do is fill your eyebrows with short strokes and up. You know when you just want to fill the most scattered parts of your eyebrows and leave the rest behind? It is when you have to turn to Bobbi Brown’s perfectly defined long-wearing eyebrow pencil that will give you wonderfully uniform and natural eyebrows. It is particularly good for light hair and skin tones, which generally require less definition. There’s more to building a good eyebrow than a few extra strokes, and the ultra-thin precision eyebrow pencil Diorshow Styler adds an easier step.

A good eyebrow pencil, ointment or powder effectively fills dispersed areas, perfects the shape and creates a more complete eyebrow. Tinted eyebrows add definition to the eyebrow hairs, while transparent eyebrows give a coiled effect that keeps the eyebrows in place during daily use. When I dyed my hair from the natural dark brown to lighter brown with red nuances, the color crashed with my eyebrows. This range of eyebrow pencils had the most options to try to find the perfect combination. Not only does it have the creamiest formula in history, but the tip of the applicator is ideal for precise lines and edges. The best part is the dense brush at one end, which perfectly combines my eyebrows, taking the amount of tools I used on my eyebrows from three to one.

The pencil section helps fill the individual hairs while the powder softens the hairs on the eyebrows and keeps the pigment in place. When her eyebrows are so low that they are barely there, these feathers are ultra-thin tipped to her new best friend. The tip of the micropoint makes it easy to forge super realistic hair strokes and the waterproof formula remains for fully credible, natural-looking eyebrows throughout. Associate Beauty Director Sarah Kinonen says she never leaves the house without Sisley Paris’ 3-in-1 Phyto-Sourcils Design eyebrow pencil.

This small eyebrow kit has a duet of putty-to-powder formulas that help you add dye and definition to the eyebrows while sealing in shape for a multidimensional eyebrow appearance. Both shades are waterproof and designed to last up to 16 hours. Long hairs help move eyebrow hair in the right direction to tame eyebrows and create the look you permanent eyebrows want, says Rick DiCecca, creative director of makeup design for ArtistrybyAmway. The soft retention formula also fits well, making it easy to achieve natural or dramatic looks. Try this universal pencil: it can be used by anyone from an ash blonde to a darker brunette, says Katherine Dorn, a famous makeup artist at Pierre Michel Salon.

The experts at GH Beauty Lab love this classic L’OrĂ©al Paris eyebrow pencil for the effortless look it creates at a great price. “The shades combine well with the actual color of the eyebrows and look natural,” reports Wizemann. “It fits very well with the eyebrows and the pencil is very soft, so there are no striking lines.” “At first I found this pen a bit tricky, it is ultra pigmented, just like normal felt advice, so you have to approach the eyebrows with an incredibly light touch.”. Once I mastered the light hand, it was easy enough to add some definition to my eyebrows. The ashy tone is perfect for brunettes who are tired of buying eyebrow products that leave a warm / orange mold.”