Malaga To CARIHUELA BEACH, Torremolinos

Since the beaches are significantly close, it’s a perfect idea to walk from one beach to another and see the beach you like the most. Some of the best beaches to visit in Torremolinos are; Los Alamos Beach, La Carihuela Beach, Los Alamos Beach and Bajondillo Beach. These beaches have an abundance of amenities such as sun loungers, restaurants and umbrellas. Aqualand is the largest water park on the coast and one of the famous attractions of the Costa del Sol.

A short distance from Playa Bajondillo is one of the most famous historic buildings in Torremolinos. Built in 1925, the Casa de las Navajas is a unique building open to the public. Guests can go hiking and explore the neo-Mudejar style of the old Andalusian villas. The building is elegantly decorated and designed with incredible Mozarabic accents; the building often hosts theatre performances, exhibitions and concerts. The whole city stretches along the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and is only 20 km west of Malaga and 45 km east of Marbella.

The coast of Torremolinos is full of resorts, nightclubs, restaurants, and during the summer the city is bustling with activity as tourists experience the attractions and entertainment. Playa Los Alamos is a beautiful beach around Torremolinos where you can sit in the sun. If you want to picnic with family and friends, it is an ideal place with a warm sun and wind around. You can play outdoor beach activities such as swimming, volleyball, canoeing or kayaking, or simply rent a chair and see stunning sea views. Many restaurants and bars offer very fresh meals, international cuisine, fast food, seafood and great drinks. You can also buy beautiful gifts at the local shops along the beach at reasonable prices.

This square is perfect for finding shops and restaurants for your Spanish experience. Carnival shows and festivals also take place in this area. You will have a good excursion here, eating a good meal in one of the restaurants while watching people admire the water fountain in the middle of the square. It also has sun loungers for hire, volleyball courts and children’s playgrounds. The bajondillo beach has a large promenade, where you can find shops and beach bars. You can walk for miles along the waterfront, which is backed by an abundance of bars and restaurants that cater to almost every taste.

This is a perfect place to make your heart beat hard from haunted houses, dizzy from many carousels or crashing in go-karts. If you go on a Friday morning, you can hold a fair with shows and participate in a street market. Vakantie Carihuela With a considerable coastline, Torremolinos has endless possibilities for water sports, water activities, equipment rental and lessons. In fact, you may be surprised by the wide range of outdoor activities offers.

Nothing says vacation like spending a lazy day at Cabopino Beach, a popular beach in Cabopino. Stroll along the coast or discover the mountain views in this relaxing setting. Why not spend a carefree afternoon in Bajondillo during your travels in Carihuela? Rent a car and take it out outside the city limits and in the wild blue yonder. Explore the smaller towns and villages beyond the border and learn the stories behind them. Visit a provincial fairground and let childhood memories flood you as cotton candy melts in your mouth.

Just northwest of Tivoli is the largest theme park on the Costa del Sol. Tivoli World ( has attractions such as a Ferris wheel, roller coaster and carousel, as well as go-karts and a haunted house. Visitors can also see flamenco dancers, Las Vegas-style shows, and children’s performances at the park’s theaters. To have fun on the water, away from the beaches, tourists go to the Aquapark ( The water park has an artificial wave pool, slides, slides and other water attractions. The Tourist Information Center is a place like its name that provides useful information about tourist destinations for travelers.