NHL Tickets – Are They Worth the Price?

If you have never had the joy of attending a live National Hockey League game, than I would suggest that you add this to your bucket list. Like any live event, there are certain factors which make it worth the price of admission. First of all, it depends on what city you are in. If the Toronto Maple Leafs were to make the Stanley Cup Final, scalpers would be asking $5000 – $6000 per ticket on the street.

Conversely, teams like the Atlanta Thrashers sell NHL tickets at an extremely affordable (as low as $25) price for the value of the product on the ice.

Notable sports teams that draw sellouts every game include the New York Yankees, the Boston Red Sox, every Canadian city that has an NHL team. The die hard Red Sox fan will tell you that nothing beats a live game at Fenway, a Yankees fan will say the same about a home Yankees game.

The thrill of attending a live NHL playoff game in any Canadian city is the hottest ticket in town on that given night. The fans are passionate and loud, especially in hockey hotbeds like Montreal and Vancouver.

Former Major League Baseball pitcher Kurt Schilling once said that NHL hockey players the greatest athletes in the world. These guys would be Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals.

Both of these stars are so good that they have revitalized the fan base in Pittsburgh and Washington alike. Teams like the Chicago Blackhawks have young stars Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews which has helped put Chicago back on the hockey map after many lean years.

The Boston Bruins have not won a Stanley Cup since Bobby Orr helped them win two in the early seventies. The Bruins however, have the second overall pick in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft which will be either Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin. Either of these guys will likely have solid careers so Bruins fans should be happy with either selection.

The point is that hockey is a growing sport, despite the fact that teams in the Southern United States have encountered financial difficulty (this means cheap tickets!). On the United States National Junior team that recently won gold, there were players born in 10 different states. This is a sign that more kids are playing and that all of America’s hockey talent is not just coming from Massachusetts and Minnesota anymore.

Hockey in Canada cannot really grow any larger than it is now. During the playoffs especially, talk of the games the night before dominate office chatter across the country. So, if you are considering taking in your first NHL game, a live NHL playoff game in a Canadian city will place you amongst fans as passionate as Yankee, Red Sox, or March Madness fans. If you are a sports fanatic, paying top dollar for NHL tickets is worth every penny.

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