Portable Bluetooth Party Speakers

You can place it horizontally or vertically, but we found that the sound is slightly sharper and continues when the speaker is vertical. One cool thing is that while it’s a Bluetooth speaker, it can sync with many other Sony SRS speakers (even the ones that are significantly smaller than the SRS-XP700). The only semi-frustration is that you have to switch between audio equipment rentals Sony’s Music Center app and Sony’s Fiestable app to get the range of what this speaker can do. The JBL PartyBox 110 is certainly a bit more limited than the other outdoor speakers on this list, as it’s a Bluetooth-only speaker that can’t make multiple rooms. It works with an app, which allows you to do things like adjust your equalizer settings and RGB lighting.

Ultimate Ears’ Boom 3 has a cylindrical design that delivers immersive 360-degree sound, and with the Ultimate Ears app, you can effortlessly connect up to 150 other speakers to fill any space. Additional bonuses include up to 15 hours of party power on a single charge and an IP67 waterproof rating, making it an ideal friend for pool parties. It is one of the best sounding portable bluetooth speakers on the market. The AOMAIS GO is easily the heaviest portable bluetooth speaker for less than $100. Whether it’s EDM, hard rock, or a softer sound you want to party with, this speaker’s 2X15W full-range audio drivers have the power to fill any room or outdoor space.

It also comes with RGB lighting and radio capabilities that allow you to save up to 16 radio stations. The ION delivers superior sound in a compact, well-designed portable speaker that’s perfect for outdoor activities and sound on the go. Without the box, this Bluetooth speaker is just over a foot long and measures about half the length of your regular beverage cooler.

The price of a party speaker system is based on the quality of the sound and the materials used in production. Usually, the size of a unit has a big impact on the power and audio output. Portable audio systems, such as Bluetooth speakers, can provide comfort and satisfaction. It has up to 50 hours of battery life, which is perfect for outdoor gatherings. Bluetooth is the preferred connectivity method, but there’s an aux input plus a radio option. When we tried to compile a list of the best party speakers available, we spent hours testing and researching.

These often include serious speakers, optimized bass, and a durable design that can withstand water, damage, and dirt. These party bluetooth speakers guarantee years of use and the most epic parties. The Audio Block Rocker Plus is designed to be taken to any type of party or outdoor event, with features that make it a highly portable bluetooth speaker. It includes a telescopic handle, wheels and carrying handles built into the side of the device that make it transportable without damaging the back or arms.