The Top 10 Reasons People Change Their Name

There are submission costs for a request to change the name and a fee for a certified copy of the final order. If you cannot pay the filing fee, you can ask the court to consider giving up that fee. Check out our web pages on rates and rate exemptions for more information and forms. To request a name change from the court, you must complete all forms in the Forms section below, file them in court and go to the scheduled hearing.

A divorce decision is all you need to change your name after the divorce. The court first assesses the documents to determine that it does not request permission to change the child’s name to commit criminal or civil fraud. If the other parent has not objected, the court assumes that the name change is best for the child. If the other parent objects, they must prove that the judge is best for the child to change the name requested.

With your new name and new hand payment information, it’s time to update your mortgage or rental payment information and your utilities. Most can be easily updated online on your account portal or phone and should be as simple as writing your new last name and entering your new credit card number or bank routing information. For those who think that legal change my name online change of names is a good way to avoid criminal prosecution or debt collection agencies, think again. The name change must be approved by the court and the judges analyze things like that. By purchasing a LegalShield legal plan, you can help him with an undisputed name change. After you register, a local lawyer will contact you within a few hours.

A person who becomes a citizen of the United States can take a new name by completing a name change application as part of naturalization. Naturalization applications are often considered and granted without the applicant appearing in court. However, if you are a naturalization applicant and want to change your name as part of the naturalization process, you must participate in an oath ceremony (a court-managed naturalization ceremony before a judge).

If you don’t understand something, have trouble filling out one of the forms, or are unsure whether these forms and instructions apply to your situation, consult a lawyer for help. Before submitting documents to court, consider contacting a lawyer to help protect yourself from accidental and unexpected consequences. Update your name on the government ID (such as your Georgia driver’s license, your social security card and your US passport) and other important information. The waiting period required for an adult name change in Georgia is 30 days from the date of filing in court.

To submit your forms in person, take your petition and additional starting forms to the district secretary’s office, which has determined that you are the right province to submit. Follow the instructions in the automated online interview for an adult name change to archive online. You submit your petition electronically and, if applicable, a statement of inability to pay court fees. Contact the Secretary’s office if they need a scanned and attached copy of your fingerprint card upon request, then bring your original fingerprint card to your court hearing. The information offered on this site is available as a public service and is not intended to replace legal advice.

After a quick discussion of your needs, your LegalShield lawyer will guide you through the process in accordance with your state laws. They will prepare the paperwork and ensure that it is presented correctly. Personal branding has become an essential part of the company. If any of these entities make it difficult for you to tell them about your change in the official name, remind them of their right to do so and offer them a copy of the court order. Remember that many financial institutions and creditors will be reluctant to fear identity theft and fraud.