Types of Window Cleaning Tools

Window cleaning, also known as window washing, is usually the exterior cleaning of structural glass used mainly for light, structural, or aesthetic purposes. It may be performed manually, with tools such as squeegees or knives for easier access and cleaning. Alternatively, the technology is also used and more, automation is being used. One of the most common methods used is using high-pressure air or water jets to clean windows.

As technology progresses, there are many new window cleaners that are designed for different uses. This is where a homeowner should arm themselves with knowledge before hiring a professional window cleaner. In this article, we will cover some of the available options and give some examples as to how the different types of cleaners operate. First, window cleaning equipment.

Some window cleaning equipment consists of squeegees and brushes, while others may have wand extensions or other accessories. One type of squeegee resembles the modern day dust umbrella by having a long handle and comes in either a straight line or an arch design. The advantage of the straight line design is that it can easily go around corners and curves. While the arch design allows for better access to areas with curved surfaces and more control over how much dirt is collected.Read more about Window cleaning here.

A majority of window cleaners now come with ladders that help increase safety. It is important to remember that all window cleaners must have training certificates and use ladders to reach the worktop. Window ladders must be stable and reliable and should be approved by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFCR).

There are many styles of ladders available, with each having its own pros and cons. Flat ladders are the most common form of ladder found at most window cleaning companies. These are designed to allow you to lay your window cleaner across the top of the ladder. However, this does mean that you need to ensure that the ladder can support the weight of the cleaner. They also pose a number of risks, as they can easily snap causing major injuries.

Next is the scissor lift, which can be used in two different methods. The first is where the user has to rest for a piece of furniture against the sides of the scissor lift. The seat then moves upwards on metal chains, allowing the user to clean the windows from the window sill. This can prove to be cumbersome, especially if there are several windows to clean.

Another popular method of window cleaning service is done using an electric platform. Electric platforms are a very convenient tool as they can be used in almost any location and are not limited to commercial window cleaning service only. They provide a great mobility to the user, but they are also simple to use as all that needs to be done is to rest the platform with the windows and pull a cord. As the platform moves upwards, the user will be able to reach higher and pull a handle, allowing them to clean the windows from any height. These are also simple to operate and can provide quick cleanings without having to get your hands messy with paperwork or cleaning tools. However, these platforms are not very effective if the window to be cleaned is not on a straight wall.

Lastly are the mobile electric window cleaners. These cleaners have a very distinct advantage over their stationary brothers as they can easily move around the house and access every window at will. They are also much more powerful than the stationary models, being able to clean the windows quickly and effectively. These can also be useful if you want to clean the windows while someone else is outside, as you do not have to worry about them getting the window cleaners stuck or leaving a trail behind them. Mobile cleaners can prove to be very handy when it comes to cleaning windows at home.


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