Which Is Judo?

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The IJF and Western and Asian national associations have promoted eleven others that are not recognized by the Kodokan. Dan, who was the first woman to be promoted to the highest level of judo, if not to a rank recognized by Kodokan. The use of common manipulation and strangulation / suffocation techniques is generally safe in competition under controlled conditions that are typical of Judo Dōjō. It is common for the practice and application of these types of techniques to be limited due to age. However, the exact nature of these restrictions depends on one country to another and from one organization to another. The youngest recognized Kata, who consists of twenty-one defense techniques against attacks by an unarmed attacker and one armed with a knife, stick, and pistol.

Two opponents try to defeat each other with recognized judo movements and attitudes. The participant gives up stroking the hand or foot twice or more or saying “Maitta”, Shime Waza or Kansetsu-Waza . The other candidate mainly on the back with considerable strength and speed. If one participant is punished with “Hansoku make”, the other participant will be declared the winner. A candidate is disqualified for violating the rules (Hansoku Make).

Many of the principles of judo can be applied to all aspects of life, as well as to the carpet. The inventors of judo, Japan, are surprisingly the most successful country in the Paralympic Games with 12 gold medals and 30 medals. Satoshi Fujimoto is Japan’s most decorated judoka with five Paralympic medals, including three gold medals. Six women’s events were added to the Athens 2004 program. French Karima Medjeded was the first Paralympic teacher to be sung up to 48 kg.

If the participant manages to launch his counterpart on pages, he will be awarded a yuko. This yuko has no effect until the game ends in a draw. It is a modern Japanese martial art, an unarmed fighting system and today mainly a sport. Judo is not only a training of the body and mind, but also a form of human education.

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