3 Things New Web Designers Are Doing All Wrong When Creating a Web Site For the First Time

Creating a web site for the first time can be challenging. If you’ve never done it before, creating a web site usually involves learning HTML, firing up an editor like Adobe Dreamweaver, creating/editing images in Photoshop creare site web profesional and learning how to upload everything via FTP. The reality is, though, that in this day and age there are better ways to do things. People have been creating web sites for close to 20 years now and there has been a lot of evolution in the field, so there’s no reason to continue to do things the way they were done back in the day when there are better ways now. Here are three things that web designers are probably wasting their time on:

Learning HTML

This is by far the biggest time waster that I see new web designers making. Although knowing HTML is helpful, it’s not necessary anymore unless you plan on making web sites for a living. If you’re just trying to set up a simple site for your club/organization or upcoming event, you probably don’t need to learn HTML because you can use a content management system like WordPress. WordPress is free, easy to install and if you have ever written a document in Microsoft Word before, you will be able to use WordPress effectively.

Using Adobe Dreamweaver

If we’re not going to be learning HTML anymore, we’re not going to be needing Dreamweaver any longer either. WordPress is what you’ll be writing and publishing your content with and since it has a WYSIWYG editor like Dreamweaver, you don’t need to spend $399 on Dreamweaver anymore. WordPress makes it simple to add images and videos to your web pages without having to know any HTML code or even having to upload them via FTP. WordPress takes care of it all

Creating/editing images in Photoshop

This one is debatable, but it’s worth mentioning that most beginning web designers are probably wasting their time trying to create a new layout for their scratch from site. You really don’t have to create a layout from scratch anymore because WordPress has so many themes available, at the most, you’ll be editing a header image, not creating a whole layout from scratch like you’d be doing if you were trying to make a web site using Dreamweaver and HTML. Just go to the official WordPress Theme directory by Googling the phrase “official WordPress theme directory,” which has hundreds of free themes available for you to try out on your site. If you really want to do things efficiently, you should outsource the creation of your header image to a professional designer. This might sound expensive, but there are plenty of designers that will design a nice looking header for you for about $10 on the forums of Digital Point in the Buy, Sell, Trade marketplace which you can find by Googling “digital point forums.”

Keep in mind that none of these things are bad to know, I just like to do things in the most efficient way possible and I’d rather focus on creating the content for the web site rather than the technical details of how it works. Now you know a better, faster and more efficient way of doing things which will save you hours and hours of time and frustration over the course of the project.


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