7 Daily Tips For Cat Health

If you have any questions about URIs, call your veterinarian. If you put the box in the basement, you need to make sure that the door never stays closed. This is a disadvantage of using a bathroom for the box! The ideal location, for a cat, is not too far from its favorite resting place, not too close to its food or water, and in a relatively quiet and car-free part of the house.

Keep your kitten indoors; Outdoor cats have a much shorter lifespan than indoor cats due to injury, illness, dog attacks and other hazards. Kittens are cute seductive, but be honest with yourself about whether you’ll be able to match that energy level and control that level of responsibility. Shelters are full of loving adult cats who have a much harder time getting adopted. An adult cat will be calmer and quieter than a kitten, but he may also have behavioral problems from his first years of life. Adult cats may also have medical conditions that you need to address sooner than a kitten. In addition, kittens often scratch very painfully; Decide if you want to.

If you notice that your new kitten or cat has stopped eating, it is advisable to seek veterinary help immediately. While a cat doesn’t have to walk like a dog on a daily basis, don’t be fooled into thinking that cats and kittens aren’t a time commitment. They are still active pets that need litter genie a lot of play and loving companions that demand attention. You will also spend time cleaning the litter box and giving structured meals to the cat. The average lifespan of an indoor cat is years, so keep in mind that you are entering into a long-term commitment with a new family member.

Make sure you have all the necessary equipment and supplies. Without a doubt, it already has food, dishes and a litter box. Follow your vet’s recommendations closely and make sure your cat gets enough exercise, as obesity is one of the biggest health problems cats face today.

Cats are self-groomers, but contrary to popular belief, they also need to be cared for by you, the pet’s father. Regular brushing removes loose hair and promotes a healthy, shiny coat. Not to mention, this routine cat care also helps you become more familiar with your best friend’s body and therefore notice something unusual to discuss with your vet. Cats can also become infected with protozoa, such as coccidia or toxoplasma.