Acrylic foam tape – Extremely strong double-sided tape

We want to strike a blow for the acrylic foam tape! This double-sided mounting tape is extremely strong, in many cases it can replace traditional fastening methods such as screwing, riveting and gluing.

An acrylic foam tape is usually between 0.8 – 1.2mm thick. Simply put, you can say that it is a double-sided tape that is homogeneous, i.e., adhesive right through the tape. Unlike a foam tape that consists of a “middle” layer of foam. In this case, it is an acrylic core that is very strong. The acrylic foam tape has a number of different uses such as moldings for cars, GPS holders for dashboards, signs, hooks in bathrooms, LED lighting to name a few.

If you are interested to purchase an acrylic foam tape, then you can checkout this store :

Sanojtape has acrylic foam tape in transparent and black. The black one is also able to stick to more difficult surfaces that normally “ordinary” tape has a hard time coping with. As always, remember to clean the surfaces before applying tape. In the case of acrylic foam tapes please wait 48-72 hours before fully testing the strength.


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