Eye Lining For Different Eye Shapes

We should not avoid playful expressions in such gloomy and uncertain times, ”says makeup artist Marcelo Gutiérrez, who works with stars like Troye Sivan and who did makeup for the show Christopher John Rogers SS20. Gutiérrez loves Fenty Longwear eye pencils because of their shiny pigment and creamy texture. To help you in your search for the best eyeliner, we consulted 9 famous makeup artists, each of whom shared the coverings where they cannot do without using themselves and their customers.

“A wedding day requires makeup that lingers and often resists some happy tears,” said makeup artist Erin B. Guth. Takase proposes to apply the eyelash eye line alone, almost on the edge of the eyelid; If you use a potty-dazzling harness, a small, dense, flat brush is your best friend for this technique. He then recommends “expanding outside the outer corner of the eye” for the wing to create the elegant and lofty effect. And remember: a cotton swab dipped in mycelial water is your friend if you don’t get the right line on the first attempt. Nguyen emphasizes that waterproof formulas are his friend when his eyes are hooded, especially for the coating, because it helps the product stay and last until it is ready to be removed at the end of the day.

As with the base, this helps block the eyelid soot and prevent it from falling under the eye. Whether you want to keep a dramatic wing intact or prevent a smoky eye from turning into a black eye, there is a lasting formula for all your beauty needs on your wedding day. From pencils to gels and liquids, here are some of the best make-up artists for waterproof lining. If the time of staying at home and Maskne taught us anything, our skin would shine again as soon as possible. That’s because even the best base, concealer, blush and bronzer cannot conceal dry, rough or tired skin.

Do not climb on the hood or higher when applying the brightly marked tone in the center of the eye. It attracts light and makes the hood bigger, ”says Takase. Cover the shade with a clean makeup brush or finger to achieve that blurry effect on the edges.

As I get older, I use a softer brown pencil and place it in the outer top corner instead of a full black line through the eye. I still define my eye, but now I use it as a way to lift the eye and add a more hectic feel.” How and where you place your lining depends on the shape of the eyes, the facial structure and the type of skin. If you have swollen eyes or wrinkled eyelids, it may seem like you have a harder time applying eyeliner, but some clever little adjustments keep you flattering. While the dark lining on the waterline closes your eyes, the white lining has the opposite effect.

Also build the colors slowly instead of entering with a dark color above it, by getting darker. This is a very easy way to create a smooth and mixed eyeshadow look without looking like a 5 year eyeliner tattoo old who applied his eyeshadow. “If you’re afraid the eyeliner won’t complement the shape of your eye, it could mean you just haven’t found the right product or style for you,” explains Carly.