Old Mattress Disposal

We spend nearly half of our lives in bed. Although we don’t often think about it, the time we spend sleeping is just as important as the time we spend awake. Getting a good nights sleep can make the difference between having a productive day or walking around like a zombie from sunrise to sunset. The hours we spend in bed are some of the most important in terms of rejuvenating our bodies and minds from the strain and wear they’ve been through during our waking hours. In the end, if we don’t sleep, we really can’t live.

One of the most important aspects of getting a good night’s sleep is the bed, and more specifically the mattress you lie down on. There are a hundred different kind of mattresses out there: some firm, some soft, some for bad backs and some for light sleepers. Picking out the right mattress is completely integral to making sure you are on the sure and easy path to counting sheep.

However, there is an unavoidable step prior to going to the furniture store and picking out your new mattress. This step involves getting rid of your old mattress. This is harder said than done. After sleeping on one mattress for several years its easy to get attached to it. After all, you have spent nearly half of your life in that mattress. You might start making excuses to not get rid of the old clunky thing: “It’s gotten better over time, which is why I sink so far into it,” or “it doesn’t make sense to get rid of my mattress when it is still in one piece”

The truth is, even though your old mattress is like an old friend, it’s time to get rid of it and move onto a better piece of furniture. Finally taking the steps to haul off that old mattress will improve your life considerably. The most obvious improvement will be a better night’s sleep, which means more productivity and enjoyment throughout the subsequent day.

Another benefit of getting rid of your old mattress and buying a new one will be a better back. As you get older, sleeping on an old bed can end up dramatically harming your posture, back and spine. Your antique bed could either be too soft or far too hard to support your back properly. When you pick out a new bed a specialist can help you pick out the perfect fit to repair your back or prevent future pain. Do yourself a favor: take the proper steps towards old mattress disposal and get a new one as soon as possible






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