How to choose the best perfume? A blog that talks about the different aspects of finding the right perfume.

When you’re in the market for a new perfume, it can be hard to know where to start. There are so many scents out there, and they all seem like they will smell different on your skin than they did on someone else. This blog will help you find the right perfume that works best with your body chemistry and personality!

Pay attention to the types of scents you prefer.

When you’re looking for a perfume, it’s helpful to know what types of scents are available. There are four main categories: floral, oriental, Oudy, citrus, and woody.

  • Floral perfumes have a sweet aroma that comes from flower petals like jasmine or roses. They’re great if you want something light and feminine—perfect for an everyday scent.
  • Oriental perfumes are usually made with vanilla, ambergris, patchouli, vetiver, flowers or musk as the base notes; they smell rich and sexy 
  • Citrus perfumes are great day and summer perfumes—the best way I can describe them is “clean.” They work well when you need something fresh, light florals but not too overpowering and they do not last long compared to the oriental perfumes.

Look for a fragrance that you can wear at different times of the year.

  • The weather and temperature is very important
  • Check your mood and personality
  • Look at your body chemistry and check how each perfume smells when it comes in contact with your skin

Go for a scent that makes your heart happy.

It’s time to start thinking about your personal scent. Your perfume is a big part of your identity and should be something you love.

You’ll want to think about how the scent will make you feel, how it will fit into the rest of your wardrobe, and how it might change over time as your tastes change. But most importantly: what makes you feel happy? Scent plays such a huge role in our daily lives that having one that makes us happy can make all the difference in our day-to-day routine. You can get more details on Arabic oud perfume here.

Consider the time of day you’re planning to wear your perfume.

Nothing can ruin the mood of a lovely perfume like overanalyzing how it will be received by everyone around you.

However, there are some things to consider when choosing your scent for the day-to-day.

  • Consider the time of day you’re planning to wear your perfume. A daytime scent is usually lighter and more subtle than evening scents, which tend to have stronger undertones and longer lasting power. For more details on Frankincense essential oil, checkout this store.
  • How you plan on wearing your perfume will also inform what type of fragrance you should choose. If you plan on spraying it all over yourself before heading out for an afternoon shopping trip then go with something with a strong sillage (the strength at which a fragrance can be detected). On the other hand, if it is going to be worn indoors while relaxing at home then perhaps an eau de parfum or pure parfum would work better because they are heavier in concentration compared with an eau de toilette or even cologne concentrations respectively

Try a few sprays and walk around with the scent for a few minutes.

When trying out a perfume, spray it on your wrist. Walk around with the scent for a few minutes. If you don’t like how it smells after those few minutes, try another one!

If you do like the fragrance, look down at your wrists: can you tell which one is which? If not, then they’re pretty much identical scents and so there’s no point in buying them both (unless of course, you have enough money to burn).

If you are trying to find a perfume on your own, look at the different notes in a fragrance.

If you are trying to find a perfume on your own, look at the different notes in a fragrance.

  • What is a note? A note is a scent that makes up the overall fragrance. Notes can often be floral, spicy, woody or citrusy (and sometimes all four). Perfume notes are usually listed on the box with numbers from one to three. The number one indicates which note is most important in making up the overall fragrance; two indicates that there is another significant smell; and three means that there are other small smells in there as well. Usually these will be under “notes” or “fragrance” on the box of any bottle of perfume you buy and they’ll also tell you what type of scent it has (floral or fruity or musky etc.).

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when searching for a new perfume.

When looking for the best perfume, it can be helpful to ask someone who knows about perfume. You can ask a sales associate at the department store where you’re shopping, but remember that they are often paid commission and may try to sell you something more expensive than you actually want or need. If a friend likes their perfume, they might be able to tell you what they like about it so that you can find something similar. Your family might also have some good suggestions.

A good source of advice on choosing the right scent is an expert in perfumes—either online or in person (see Resources). Expertise is important when dealing with such an expensive product; reading reviews online will only get you so far because there can be bias involved with any review site, whether explicit or not.

Remember these tips about choosing perfume

  • When you’re looking for the best perfume, do your research. Search online for reviews and ratings of different perfumes to find the scent that fits your personality and lifestyle.
  • Try out different perfumes in person by visiting a department store or perfume shop and asking a sales associate for recommendations based on what you like to wear normally (e.g., if you’re into light florals, they’ll suggest something along those lines).
  • Test the perfume in different ways (e.g., spray it onto your wrist as well as behind each ear), since some scents smell better when applied to certain parts of the body than others (and vice versa).
  • Ask friends or family members if they’ve ever smelled anything similar before—this can provide helpful insight into what might work best for you! The more opinions about fragrance that come into play here, though: remember: there’s no such thing as “the perfect” perfume; rather than aiming for perfection when shopping around—just go with whatever makes YOUR heart happy!


Choosing the right perfume is a personal choice and something that you should do with care. It can be difficult to find the perfect scent, but with these tips, we hope you will feel more confident in your decision-making process. Remember that it doesn’t matter what others think about how good or bad their smell is; the only thing that matters is how much fun you have when wearing your favorite perfume! Aromology brings you the best selection of high-quality, 100% pure oils and fragrances at great prices. They believe in offering our customers a wide variety of options to suit their every need, which is why we offer over 100+ different scents in their online store.

Their mission is to make sure their customers have access to only the highest quality products so that they can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy for years to come!


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