Pokemon Go Guide

A higher trainer level means stronger Pokémon, plus great rewards every time you win a new one, so you’ll want to constantly climb higher and higher. In these co-op battles, you’ll team up with other players to take on a single powered Pokémon. If you manage to defeat the monster within Pokemon online kopen the time limit, you’ll get a handful of items and a chance to catch it. The floating blue stones that you can see scattered around the map are known as Pokestops. They tend to be local landmarks like churches and tourist spots and initially come from Niantic’s previous game, Ingress.

In most cases, simply striking Pokémon with a high CP and throwing them into battle won’t serve players well. The type of Pokémon, their movements, and their stats play a role, along with the CP. Players should try to maintain a team with a variety of basic types that also have excellent stats. Every time you catch a Pokémon, the game rewards you with experience, but it can also reward you with candy. If you have already caught a Rattata of the highest level and caught another Rattata of a lower level, transfer the lower level to the professor, he will give you sweets for the transfer.

By now, most of us have discovered the basics of Pokemon Go, even with the game seemingly going out of its way to tell players nothing about how their systems work. Overall, Pokemon Go isn’t an incredibly deep experience, but it has enough complexities that make it a little more complex than just throwing Pokeballs and walking with your head down. I’ve already covered some initial tips for new players, so if you’ve just downloaded the app, check out that list first, but here are some more advanced tips for the more dedicated Pokémon trainers out there. Once you reach level 20, you’ll have access to raid events where a powerful Boss Pokémon appears at certain times of the day. If there is a robbery in your area, you will receive a notification and you have the opportunity to participate. But if you walk to a gym, you’ll be disappointed if the doorman at the door asks you for a Raid Pass or Premium Raid Pass and you don’t have one.

As you progress through the levels, these rewards will vary more as you unlock and breathe new life into better potions. Research tasks also fall off the Pokestops, and you even receive gifts to send to those on your friends list as a good postcard reminder of your travels. Learning to play Pokemon Go is easy and fun, but there’s more to it than just walking to become a pro. You’ll need the right tools for your adventure, such as useful items that will evolve or strengthen the Poket monster.

These can be obtained by going to a gym and turning the photo disc. Only one raid pass can be used per day, otherwise you will need to purchase a Premium Raid Pass in the store to participate in raid battles more often. If you’re one of those expired Pokemon Go players, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a lot more structure in how to play the game these days. Professor Oak has invaded Pokemon Go and delivers a stack of challenges that give you a way to play.