The Myth of Free Magazine

It makes sense to say “free lunch doesn’t happen” when it comes to subscription to a magazine that costs from $15 to $20 a year. However, I am sure that you will be shocked to learn how the so-called “discount magazine” and “cheap magazine” deceived you after reading this article, and I can guarantee that you will never pay the magazine in full again.

Some might argue that the so-called “cheap subscription to magazines” often promotes the idea that “most of the publishers’ revenue comes from advertising, so you can give away magazines for free to attract more. Readers. “While it is true that most of the revenue actually comes from advertising, only paid subscribers rely on a “tariff table” rather than free subscribers. All magazine publishers set their own “bet. Advertising “based on fare. Subscribers report audits every quarter, so publishers simply can’t give away free magazines to increase sales and defraud advertisers, and publishers could face heavy fines if they find they are mis-reporting to their readers.

While it is not possible to get a free magazine directly from publishers, this does not necessarily mean that there is no free magazine. As a free ticket hunter, I want to share with you three common ways to get magazines online for free.

1) Business magazine. Unlike conventional magazines, industry magazines (such as Oracle and CFO) can flexibly regulate their “advertising speed” if they can provide their advertisers with qualified readers. That’s why you’ll find that a free magazine provider like Freebizmag often asks you a lot of questions about your profession and your work before you provide you with free magazines.

2) Consumer Journal: Not many people are interested in specialized journals because these magazines are usually difficult to read. More and more people are looking for free popular consumer magazines such as Maxim, FHM or PC magazine. Some sites, such as Magcentral and Freebie  magazine, are sponsored by an outside sponsor to make the magazine available for free. Usually you need to fill out a small form or survey to get your log for free.

3) Publishers. Publishers sometimes offer a free annual subscription (usually digitally) for marketing purposes. This is the best type of subscription because the subscription itself is provided by publishers, so the risk of not getting a magazine is the lowest of the three possible options.

Another thing to mention is that if the log is clearly not listed on the renewal page, you can always choose a new extension offer. But keep in mind that it’s important to find a way (e.g. email or online) to tell the free log provider whether the subscription is new or renewed, otherwise you have a good chance of not getting your favorite. Logs.

It is also possible to receive an extension notification at the end of a subscription that looks like an invoice or invoice. Please read it carefully as it is usually not an account. I got over 30 free subscriptions to magazines online and never received a bill or paid a cent. To get your favorite magazines for free, you need to subscribe to as many newsletters as possible publishers and carefully browse the sites of free magazines. I hope you like free magazines.






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